CJ Diversity

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

The College of Criminal Justice will continuously improve practices to be inclusive of the diverse communities served with innovative initiatives to address our greatest challenges in meaningful ways. To both advance and support the increased diversity and representation in the College of Criminal Justice community, resources will be allotted to a range of initiatives for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and stakeholders.

Below is a catalog of new and ongoing initiatives. Whenever possible, links will be provided for detailed information:

Inclusive Communication Initiative

CJ Cares This initiative will establish multi-channel communication platforms to disseminate resources, address concerns, and increase diversity, equity, and inclusion understanding within the College of Criminal Justice. The 5 core values of this campaign are (C)connection, (A)awareness, (R)responsiveness, (E)engagement, and (S)sensitivity. Join the CJ Cares community on Twitter @CJcares to stay connected with the campaign.

COCJ Cares Feedback Form | DEI Communications Plan | Diversity Buzz: COCJ DEI Newsletter

Inclusive Community Building Initiative

CJ Connects This initiative will provide opportunities for members of the criminal justice community to connect, collaborate, and share unique perspectives in a safe and productive environment. *Community activities will be advertised in the DEI events calendar and will be open to COCJ/CJC faculty, staff, and students.

Change Management Initiative

CJ CAN The Change and Action Network (CAN) initiative will provide opportunities for peer-to-peer engagement in “Forward Forums” for the development and exchange of ideas that promote problem solving strategies for diversity issues in the College of Criminal Justice.

COCJ DEI Action Proposal Form