About the Program

The College of Education (COE) and the College of Criminal Justice (COCJ) have partnered in an official capacity to provide an advanced diversity certificate program to faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Components of the COE Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Series and the newly created COCJ Inclusive Methods Training (IMT) comprise the DEEDS (Diversity Education, Engagement, Development, & Support) Certificate Program. The advanced DEI certificate program provides comprehensive training with three competencies: self-awareness/reflection, methods/application, and culturally proficient practices.

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Program Requirements

To participate in the program, participants must be faculty, staff, or graduate students affiliated with the Colleges of Education or Criminal Justice at SHSU. Participants must complete at total of 20 educational hours of advanced training. Participants are required to complete 4 diversity methods and applications workshops and any 6  intercultural competency workshops offered on the workshop schedule. The program is self-paced and delivered in synchroneous and asynchroneous formats (per the cohort calendar provided upon acceptance into the program).  Participants may choose to attend more workshops than required if preferred. Participants will have until  April 15th to complete the program requirements. NOTE: The DEEDS program is not affilated with the SHSU IDEA Workshop Program open to the entire campus.  This program is designed for educational and criminal justice practictioners and graduate students affiliated with COE & CoCJ. 

Important Program Notices:

  • There is no cost to participate with valid SHSU credentials.
  • Professional development credit hours will be provided in SHSU Talent Management for faculty and staff participants upon request.
  • Program participants are recognized at the graduation luncheon & Diversity Summit Program spring semester.  Date TBA
  • Self-paced program modules are facilitated through Black Board Ultra and the SHSU Zoom meeting platform.
  • Live workshops are conducted via zoom are recorded for viewing at a later time. 
  • *Required workshops (8hrs.)
     Understanding 12 Types of Social Oppression (2hrs)
     Recognizing Power Dynamics, Priviledge, and Retaliation (2hrs)
     Techniques for Managing Bias & Biased Behaviors (2hrs)
     Strengthening Intercultural Competence (2hrs)

For more program information please contact the DEEDS Certificate Program administrators.

Dr. Benita Brooks, Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
College of Education

Nu'Nicka Epps, Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
College of Criminal Justice