CJ Diversity

Celebrating CJ Diversity



Our Leadership Commitment

“We are building a diverse community that reflects the communities we serve.”

Dean Phillip Lyons Phillip Lyons

“My commitment is to build an operational infrastructure rooted in equity and inclusivity.”

DEI Director Nu'Nicka Epps Nu'Nicka Epps

Diversity Vision:

The Criminal Justice Center will become the leader in justice oriented education, critical research, and leadership development training through deliberate actions that promote justice, equity, and inclusivity in the criminal justice system.

Diversity Mission:

The Criminal Justice Center strives to build a respectful, inclusive and accepting educational environment that encourages cultural awareness and appreciation for diverse people and perspectives to generate solutions to complex problems in the criminal justice field and increasingly diverse world.

Upcoming DEI Observances

As world populations continue to grow, we celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism within our local community. Each month, we spotlight important observances and events to promote inclusivity and belonging. This month we recognize the following:

June Observances