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Jurg Gerber, Ph.D., Interim Chair, Department of Security Studies
Nadav Morag, Ph.D.
Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of Security Studies webpage. For those of you who apply and are accepted into one of our programs, you will be part of a selective graduate program that focuses on homeland security and related issues. The coursework in this program will help prepare you for careers in the homeland security enterprise, more advanced study in homeland security or security studies in general, or advancement within your chosen career path if you are already working in the field. While you will gain a great deal of factual knowledge about a variety of homeland security topics including terrorism, types of security (maritime, transportation, aviation, border), emergency management, critical infrastructure protection, intelligence, homeland security law, and other areas, our primary objective is to help you become a stronger critical/analytical thinker and communicator.

The Department is fortunate to have first-class faculty who are not only effective teachers, but are also nationally and internationally-known scholars who publish regularly and contribute to the growing body of knowledge within the homeland security field. Many also have significant professional experience working for government agencies, think tanks, or other entities engaged in homeland security policymaking or in the execution of policy.

Should you choose to apply and be accepted, I am convinced that you will find the experience rewarding, but do not expect this to be easy. Our program is rigorous precisely because we want to better prepare people for careers in the field, or for more advanced studies, and so you can expect to be doing a great deal of reading, writing, and classroom engagement. I can assure you that the hard work will pay off because the more knowledgeable you are and the better you are at critical thinking, analysis, and oral and written communication, the more marketable your skills in terms of future employment. Previous surveys of homeland security leaders have shown that what these people and the agencies they represent are primarily looking for is individuals who: 1) think critically, 2) have the ability to learn and assimilate new information quickly and effectively, and 3) can communicate effectively.

So, once again, welcome to the website and I hope you find the information here useful.

Nadav Morag Ph.D.
Department Chair, Department of Security Studies

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