Graduates Sound Off

chelsi hall “Choosing to attend Sam Houston State University and major in Speech Communication with a minor in Mass Communications was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My career in education has lead me to be in positions as a classroom Teacher, Assistant Principal, and currently Principal of an elementary campus. The skills I attained in my Speech Communication classes have played an essential role in the everyday job duties I perform as a Principal. Whether it’s speaking and presenting at a national conference, creating campus newsletters, to working in small groups with my fellow principal colleagues, I attribute my success to the strength of my educational background. Speech Communication/Communication Studies is a degree that you will utilize in any field of work.”
Lauren Archer Hodge
Sam Houston Graduate 2003
Elementary Principal
chelsi hall "As an attorney, I knew that I would need effective communication and negotiation skills and I received that and so much more from the Communication Studies program. Not only is the subject matter fun and interesting, but the professors are open and I have developed long-standing relationships with them. Everyday, I utilize the analytical, writing, and speaking skills I learned in the program. I am very proud to say that I graduated from the Communication Studies Department at Sam Houston State University."
Chelsi Rene Hall 
Sam Houston Graduate 2009
Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Juris Doctor Candidate 2012
cathy theiss "A Communication Studies Degree can apply to any job position out there. I majored in Communication Studies at Sam Houston State University and minored in French. I graduated in 2004. Once I began to start looking for jobs I realized how valuable my degree was. It applied to every position, as different as they were, that I looked at! I am now working as the Membership Services Coordinator for Associated Builders and Contractors. Communication is so important in my position, because I have to coordinate services to over 350 member companies. I realized that good communication is the key to any organization's success. With training in that area, I am able to understand different ways of communicating with different types of personalities. In any job position, especially in a leadership role, communication is vital to success. Without it, our society would not function. Through my degree I am able to contribute in a big way to my company and society through strong communication skills. "
Cathy Tarsney Theiss
Sam Houston Graduate 2004
Membership Services Coordinator for Associated Builders and Contractors
ross "The communication studies classes and the people skills I learned at SHSU provided the solid foundation that I have built on throughout my career. I still apply the basics of a good speech that I learned in class to every presentation that I give today. "
Ross Wood, CEcD
Corporate Communications Manager
Capital Certified Development Corporation - Austin, Texas
twyla coy "Who knew that I would use what I learned in my Communication classes every day in all aspects of my life?" OR "One of the greatest qualities a leader can have is to convey effective communication skills." OR "Having a communication degree has enriched my job, my marriage, and my interpersonal relationships with all of those I encounter in my everyday life." As a graduate from Sam Houston's School of Communication, I didn't really grasp the extent to which my degree would enrich many aspects of my life until after I graduated. When some people think of Speech Communication, the first thing that comes to mind is giving speeches in front of large groups of people, speech-writing, or speech pathologists. But this was not my interest. I wanted to study how people interact using communication. At Sam Houston, I learned not only the theories of communication, but the impact of nonverbal communication and the importance of interpersonal communication. I was hired immediately after my graduation, and I attribute much of my success to my communication background. Currently, I work as the Program Coordinator of the Teacher Certification Program at Kingwood College, but the skills I learned at SHSU would be an asset to any career I might choose to pursue. "
Twyla Coy
Sam Houston Graduate 2006
Teacher Certification Program, Kingwood College
sonia "Communication Studies is an ideal major, not just because communication exists everywhere, but also because it enhances any career choice. Most people don't realize that a degree in communication can lead to a career in just about anything. Each class provided me with the tools and confidence I needed when looking for a job. I was very comfortable in the job interviews because the course work had prepared me for such an event. Now, as a working professional, I am able to utilize the skills I learned in the classroom. Public speaking, persuasion, negotiation, and small group communication are all areas I work within. As a university admissions counselor I use every area of communication. I am able to express myself professionally and know that my message is getting across. I also work as a public relations manager and I know that this major has created a wonderful foundation for me to build my career upon. I am interested in so many fields: event planning, writing, and law. This communication degree is the greatest asset I have and I am confident that it will only lead to my success in any area I choose to work in. "
Sonia Ramirez 
Sam Houston Graduate 2006
Sam Houston State University Recruiter
ross otte “Because of my communication skills, I have been given many opportunities during my life. But the significance of the knowledge and training I received while at SHSU and specifically from the Communication Studies faulty really didn’t hit home until a few years ago, when I realized that not only did I learn to be an effective communicator, I was also an effective leader.”
Ross Otte
Sam Houston Graduate 2002
lee ann haynie "The Department of Communication Studies at SHSU is a fascinating program run by friendly and extremely qualified professors who genuinely care about each student as an individual. Classes are highly interactive, engaging and thought-provoking. My mind was opened to new ideas and theories that I now apply to my everyday life in both business and personal relationships. I owe my success and am grateful to the faculty of the Department of Communication Studies for being able to own my business and operate in a corporate arena with confidence and communication skills. None of this would be possible for me without all of their wonderful encouragement and training. I enjoyed not only the subject matter but also the time spent with professors who, if you let them, are more than happy to become mentors and friends." If you have any questions about the Department of Communication Studies or SHSU, please feel free to e-mail me at"
Lee Ann Haynie
3rd Generation Bearkat