2017 Calendar Graphic
Assessment: Partnerships, Faculty, Students, and Data Collection
Sustainability: Partnerships, Visibility, Funding, Buy-In, Awards, and Strategic Planning

News Graphic
How Academic Community Engagement Connects 'Town' and 'Gown'
• A Fun Project with a Noble Goal
• Art for the Soul
• Homeless in Huntsville 
                            • Center for Community Engagement Celebrates 5th Birthday

                            • SHSU Students Engage Community During Special Olympic Tournament 
                            • Congressman & Civil Rights Leader John Lewis Speaks in Huntsville 




2016 Calendar Graphic
Established Center Staff: Full time Media Specialist
• Began Homelessness In Huntsville Initiative
• Broke ground at Bearkat Community Gardens
• Joined the Greater Houston Civic Engagement Council
• Developed and marketed new Minor in Community Leadership


2015 Calendar Graphic
• Conceived and hosted first annual The Gathering


2014 Calendar Graphic
Established Center Staff: 1/2 time Director and 1/2 time Office Manager
• Expanded Interdisciplinary Course Work
• Sponsored 1st Community Partner Luncheon


2013 Calendar Graphic
Established Center Staff: 1/2 time Administrative Assistant
• Formalized ACE Course Assessment (BACE Scale)
• Created ACE Researchers Program
• Developed Assess of Community/SHSU Partnership
                            • Obtained 1st Endowment

2012 Calendar Graphic
Established the Center for Community Engagement
• CCE gets 1/2 time Executive Director
• Established the Advisory Board for the Center

                            CCE Logo



2011 Calendar Graphic
• ACE Instructors Recognized at Annual President's Address to Faculty and Staff
• Formalized Partnerships with Key Community Organizations
• Built Database of Community Organizations and Their Needs

                            • Established the 4th University Award: David Payne ACE Award    SH Box Angled Logo Left

                            • Formally Designated ACE Courses on Class Schedule



2010 Calendar Graphic
• Began Faculty Presentations & Workshops
• Developed Matrix: Integrate Community Engagement with FES
• Began Faculty Presentations & Workshops

                            • Received Carnegie Award for Community Engagement    Carnegie Seal

                            • Encouraged College Awards for Community Engagement



2008 to 2008 Calendar Graphic
• Explicit link to courses (ACE)
• Developed Guidelines for ACE Courses
• Presentations to Faculty Senate & Deans on inclusion in University FES

                            • Established Engaged Scholars Committee    Engaged Scholars Logo

                            • Began work on Carnegie Award for Community Engagement     Carnegie Seal



2005 to 2007 Calendar Graphic
• Insitutionalized Initiatives: Speakers, Voting, Constitution Day, Essay Contest, and Movies
• Promoted Faculty Civic Engagement Awards
• Volunteerism vs. Academic Community Engagement

                            • Joined Campus Compact (2007)    Campus Compact Logo   

                            • Began to see the link between Academics and Community Engagement


2004 Calendar Graphic
• Formed American Democracy Project (ADP) Committee
• Focus: Civic Engagement