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ACE this course as a face-to-face classroom section?   
ACE this course as an online classroom section?   
When would you be teaching this course as an ACE course?
If this course is approved as an ACE course, would you ALWAYS be teaching the course with a community engagement experience included?

In other words, when your course appears on the Class Schedule, should it always have the ACE designation? (If your answer is YES, you wouldn't have to notify the Center to renew. We'd automatically renew it for you.)>


Please respond to the following:

Note: If you need further details or information on the below statements, please review our "ACE Your Course" requirements. The link will open in a new window/tab.

Will you require each student to complete a minimum of three (3) hours of work connected community engagement experience for every one (1) credit hour?

(In other words, for a 3-credit course, students will complete a minimum of 9 hours as part of their ACE experience.)


Is your Community engagement linked to one or more course objectives and/or learning outcomes?


Are your students required to reflect on the community engagement experience?


Is community engagement experience part of the students' overall grade?


Will your course syllabus include a statement briefly explaining the meaning of an ACE course?

See sample statements here.

Will you solicit feedback from your community partner(s)?


NOTE: If your ACE application is approved, you AGREE to send final copy of your syllabus to the CCE at

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