SHSU Image Facility

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SHSU image facility owns state-of-the-art electron, laser scanning, X-ray, digital and wide field fluorescence microscopes for teaching and research purposes. The facility provides technical assistance in sample preparation (critical point drying, sputter coating, ultra-microtomy), imaging and analysis. We also offer training on Hitachi SEM SU3500, Hitachi TEM 7500, Olympus Confocal Fluoview 3000, X-ray Imaging (2D), Keyence digital (stereo) and Echo- Revolve brightfield/fluorescence microscopes.  

Note: Advanced microscopy course is offered every fall semester in SHSU by Dr. Justin Williams and Dr. Aniruddha Acharya. Please contact the biological sciences department for more information.

For instrument reservation and facility tour, please email or call 936-294-4216