Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering

Advisor: Dr. Faruk Yildiz

The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) is the professional association for technical management personnel, technology-based organizations, and educational institutions. As a student in an Industrial Technology program, this association provides you with an opportunity to develop your professional contacts. You will gain a better insight into what the career you have selected is all about. 


Membership in the Student Division is open to students enrolled in universities, community colleges, and technical institutes. Student members receive all Association benefits including the quarterly IT Insider newsletter. 

Affiliate Membership

Local student chapters may affiliate with ATMAE and receive chapter benefits such as lapel pins for all members. The cost to affiliate is $20.00 per year. A minimum of 10 student members is required to form a chapter. New student chapters with a minimum of 15 members receive a student chapter banner upon request and verification of membership status. 

Meeting Topics and Joint Meetings

Many student-affiliated groups have been successful in holding joint meetings with personnel from the Industry, University and Community College Divisions of ATMAE. Some appropriate topics for student chapter meetings are:

  • Developing an Effective Resume                               
  • Interviewing Techniques                                              
  • Former Student Success Stories                               
  • New Technologies                                                        
  • Field Trips to Local Industries                                     
  • Trip to ATMAE Annual Convention          
  • Participating in ATMAE Robotics Contest                     
  • Social activities        
  • Campus event participation      
  • Community Service Projects
  • Fundraising activities
  • Equipment Demonstrations
  • Job Fairs
  • School/Dept. Open Houses

The Annual Convention

Each year in October or November, ATMAE holds its annual convention at a site in the United States. Students may attend the convention at a significantly reduced registration fee. Information about upcoming conventions can be obtained by calling the National Office or checking the ATMAE home page - All current members receive announcements regarding future convention information. The Convention features Student Division Contests, a Student Social, and a forum for students to hear form and ask questions of the new winners of the Outstanding Industrial Technologist Award. 

The IT/IQ Contest & Robotics Contest

The Student Division sponsors the IT/IQ competition each year at the annual convention. The format for the competition is like the game Jeopardy and is between individuals not teams. Elimination rounds are held with the individuals with the highest total scores moving on.  The questions come from the following categories: communication, manufacturing, general management, construction, energy/power, and computer/electronics. The prizes for this contest in the past have included computers, software, and books.  The Convention also features a Student Division Robotics contest, established in 2002, with teams from ATMAE Schools competing to win the contest with robotic devices they built on their home campuses.  Contact Dr. Sergio Sgro, Student Division President, at