Texas Review Press Book Competitions


*Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize for best poetry chapbook (postmark deadline 6/15); manuscripts up to 40 pp.


*X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize for best full-length book of poetry (postmark deadline 7/15); manuscripts up to 100 pp.


*George Garrett Fiction Prize for best book of stories or short novel (postmark deadline 9/15); manuscripts up to 250 pp.


*Clay Reynolds Novella Prize for best novella (postmark deadline 10/15); manuscripts up to 150 pp.

General Guidelines

•Manuscripts handled as blind submissions at all levels of judging; must be submitted electronically with two title pages, one with author's name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, and one without; author's name must not appear on any other page of manuscript.

•Reading fee must be paid upon electronic submission.

•Winning manuscripts will be published the year after acceptance.

•Winners will receive 50 free copies of their books.

•Initial judging by a network of published writers.

•Final ranking by established American writers.

We only accept electronic submissions. To submit, please click here.


Phone: 936-294-1994

E-mail: eng_pdr@shsu.edu

Web site: www.shsu.edu/~www_trp