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Online Tutoring - Skype



Distance tutoring services for writing are provided to Sam Houston State University students who are enrolled in classes which do not meet on the Huntsville campus and university students who are unable to drive to the Huntsville or Woodlands Center campus. Skype tutoring sessions are reserved for students who are not regularly on campus or who are unable to reach campus in a convenient manner.

How to Connect to Online Tutors

To schedule an online synchronous tutoring session (voice/video over IP tutoring session, Skype tutoring session), call the writing center at 936-294-3680.  Request a Skype tutoring session.  We will need your SAMID, name, class, teacher, and Skype username as well as how long your paper is.  If you do not have a Skype username, please go to <url of instructions on how to create a Skype account>.  Skype tutoring sessions require at least an hour session, so please plan accordingly.

After you have scheduled a session, you will receive an e-mail from wctr@shsu.edu with the subject SKYPE TUTOR SESSION – DATE – LAST NAME, FIRST NAME and instructions on how to connect to your online tutor.  Included in this e-mail will be a confirmation of the information that you provided to us as well as the online tutor and their Skype username that you have been assigned to.  Save this information until it is time for your session.

Skype tutors will attempt to be online and ready to send a video call 5 minutes before a session begins.  Sometimes, if we are extremely busy in the writing center, we may only be able to sign on when the session begins.  When it is time to connect to your tutor, open the e-mail we sent to you and copy the USERNAME of the tutor you have been assigned to.

Start and sign in to Skype.  At the main Skype window, go to the menu bar at the top of the window and click on Contacts then click New Contact…

In the new window, type or paste the SKYPE USERNAME of your assigned tutor.  Click find and select the account that has been assigned to you.  Sometimes, multiple accounts may appear when you click find.  Please make sure you select the one that you have been assigned to.  Click Add contact to continue.


If we do not receive this message with this information, we may be unable to connect to you.

In the next screen, you will have the opportunity to send a message to your assigned tutor.  We ask that you please enter the following information:


            Last Name, First Name

            Teacher/Professor (full name, if available)

            Class (code and number, if available)

When a tutor is ready to begin the tutoring session, they will send you a video call request.  When this window appears, please click Answer with video.  You should now be connected with a SHSU writing center tutor.  Please have your information ready so the tutor may better assist your needs.  If you have not, please e-mail the document you are working on to wctr@shsu.edu with the following subject in all caps, or reply to the previous e-mail we sent you:


Example: SKYPE TUTOR SESSION – 10.18.2010 – STUDENT, SAM


How to Create a Skype Account

If you already have a Skype account, please use it for your online tutoring needs.  If you do not have a Skype account, go please follow the instructions below.

Go to http://go.skype.com/register

Please enter your real information.  It will make it easier to identify you if you use your real first and last name in the registration process.  Feel free to use any e-mail address you want.

In the next section, the only information you are required to fill in is your country and language.  You may fill out the other information if you wish.

After selecting your country and language, select a Skype username and password.  We recommend using a name that is easily recognizable, non offensive, and easy to remember (ie, for the writing center, we use shsuwritingcenter).  Choose a password between 6 and 20 characters long.  Do not tell anyone your password.  We at the Sam Houston Writing Center will NEVER ask you for your password.  We will ask you for your username, though.

We recommend that in the next section you do not enter your mobile phone number and that you uncheck By email.  You may choose to enter these settings if you wish.  Complete the Type the text above and make sure you read and accept the Skype End User License Agreement, Skype Terms of Services, and the Skype Privacy Statement.  Once you have completed this, click I agree – Continue.

Your account is now created.  You should receive a confirmation e-mail upon completion.  If you have not, try logging in using the login information you provided before attempting to create another account.


Installation Instructions (MAC OS X)

Go to http://www.skype.com/go/download

Choose your operating system on the right side of the screen (Mac OS X) and click the green download now button near the center of the screen in the blue area.

You will be prompted to create a new skype account.  If you already have a skype account, simply click sign in and log in using your user name and password.  REMEMBER: save your skype setup files to a location that you can remember!

If you do not already have a skype account, use your current page to create a new account.  Please fill out your information and use a working e-mail address.  You can fill in your profile information later, but for now, make sure to fill in your first and last name, e-mail address, country, language, and your chosen skype username and password.  After filling out this form, your download will begin.  REMEMBER: save your skype setup files to a location that you can remember!

Double click on Skype_6.9.0.701.dmg (note, the numbers in this file may differ as Skype is updated).  In a new window, you should see Skype and an arrow pointing to applications.  Simply click and drag Skype to applications on this screen to install Skype.  Once complete, Skype is now installed and ready to go.





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