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Plumbing Shop

The Plumbing Shop is responsible for all the potable water, sanitary sewages, and storm drainage systems on campus.  This includes, but is not limited to: sinks, toilets, urinals, storm drains, potable water, and drinking fountains.  The Plumbing Shop is also responsible for all types of welding and steel fabrication.

The Parking Shop is housed within the Plumbing Shop and is responsible for all the maintenance and upkeep of all the parking lots on campus.  This includes, but is not limited to: filling pot holes, resurfacing parking lots, striping roads and parking lots, and replacing the signage when necessary.

If you need help, please submit a Self-Service Request.

Mike Yargo
Email: ppl_mly@shsu.edu
Phone: 294-3814

Chris Mitchell
Email: csm008@shsu.edu

Edwin Scott
Maintenance Specialist-Plumbing
Email: ppl_exs@shsu.edu

Keith Helton
Email: kdh013@shsu.edu

Lex Presley
Email: ppl_ldp@shsu.edu

Robert Richie
Email: ppl_rdr@shsu.edu

Robert Coker
Email: ppl_rdc@shsu.edu

Shawn King
Heavy Equipment Operator
Email: sak022@shsu.edu

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