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Your VoIP Phone

Q: What is a VoIP Phone?
A: VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Your new VoIP phone will transmit the sound of your voice over the computer network using the internet., rather than what you know as traditional phone wires - The computer that sits on your desk shares the same wire as your new phone.

Q: What models are available?
A: Cisco 7940G, 7941G, 7960G, 7961G, 7914G with the sidecar - which will add (14) more buttons.

Q: How will the VoIP phone compare with the phones we have on our desk now?
A: VoIP phones allow you to place and receive calls just like your current phone. The new phone will improve on existing features you have now. You will have easy call forwarding, transferring, conferencing, and voice mail. Overall, they have a wider range of features.
Although , both are  "telephones" they are different technologies.
We will be adding more features in the future.

Q: Will my computer be slower when plugged into the VoIP phone?
A: No. There will be adequate bandwidth to support both. It would be a rare circumstance to cause interference. It will not interfere with your conversations on the phone.

Q: Is my telephone service interrupted when the network is down.
A: Yes. They are using the same wiring. Also, electrical outages will cause the phones not to function.

Q. Why are we switching to VoIP phones?
A. It will help ease some of the user support. It will give us more flexibility on adds, moves, and changes.

Q. Will you take away my existing phone at the same time you deliver my new phone?

Q. Will our dialing plan change?
A. No.

Q. Will I keep my same phone number?
A: Yes

Q: Will the VoIP phones have voicemail?
A: Yes.

Q. Will voicemail stay the same?
A: No. The new phones will function with Unified messaging. Your voicemail will also go to your email.

Q. Training?
A. Yes. Training will be provided. Questions will be answered.

Q. Can I replace my Cisco phone with a different brand
A. No. We only support the Cisco models we place on your desk.

Q. Can telephone lines be shared on different phone sets?
A. Yes

Q: How many lines will the 7960 and 7961 support?
A. Six lines

Q. How many lines will the 7940 and 7941 support?
A: Two Lines

Q. Can I share my fax line, alarm line, or modem line with my phone line?
A: No. You must have a separate number.

Q. Do I need to do any setup on my VoIP voicemail system?
A: Yes. The first time you use it, press the messages button , enter the default password (5-digit extension) follow the prompts.

Q. Will my messages on my Meridian phone be transferred to the new system?
A. No. But we will give you time to clear them.

Q. If my new phone is broken, Who do I call?
A. Helpdesk. Ext 41950. They will do work order and it will go to the appropriate staff.

Q. Can these phones be restricted to local?
A. Yes

Q. How can I adjust the volume?
A. Ring volume is adjusted by pressing the volume buttons while the phone is on-hook. Call volume is adjusted by pressing the volume buttons while the call is in progress.

Q. Can I access the internet from my phone?
A: Your computer will access the internet as usual. Calls going off campus go through the regular phone system.
The computer and phone share the same network jack.

Q. Does the VoIP phone have a speakerphone?
A: Yes

Q: Does the VoIP phone have caller ID
A: Yes

Q: Does the VoIP phone have headset Options
A: Yes.

Q:Does the VoIP phone have Conference Call Option
A: yes

Q; Does the VoIP phone have Domestic and International Calling?
A: Yes.

Q. Can I check my messages from off campus? What is the Voicemail number?
A. Yes. Dial 294-3900-press * key -enter 5-digit extension-password.

Q. What if I forget my Password?
A: Contact us and we will reset it back to the default.

Q. Who can set up a conference call?
A: Any VoIP user can set up a conference call. There is a "confrn" key on your phone that appears after you press the "more" key. You press this button to place callers on hold and place the call to the next participant. Press "Confrn" again to add a new party.

Q. Will the new phones have "911"

Q: Will the new system be as reliable as my old phone?
A: VoIP functions basically the same, but uses the data network instead of dedicated wires(cable pair)
Analog phones will remain in certain locations . They are powered through the telephone company power. We will keep them in strategic locations for backup.

Q: My phone line is plugged in, but no dial tone.
A: VoIP phones must be plugged into the same kind of network jack that your computer uses. The old jacks will NOT work on the VoIP phones. If it is in the right jack-still not working, call the HELPDESK.

Q. My phone says "Configuring IP"
A: If it has just been plugged in , it will take a couple of minutes to retrieve all settings from the network.
If , it just starts configuring , please call  us to troubleshoot.

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