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Remote Desktop Connection: Remote Desktop Connection for Macintosh

SHSU Technology Tutorials

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac


Remote Desktop SearchTo access remote desktop, search for it in your Spotlight Search by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner. If you do not have the remote desktop client, you can download it from the microsoft website.




RDC Mac ImageWhen the Remote Desktop Connection program opens, a dialog box will appear. Type remote.shsu.edu into the text box labeled Computer.




RDC Mac ImageThen, click on the RDC in the top bar and select Preferences







RDC Mac ImageClick on the Display tab.















RDC Mac ImageChange the Remote Desktop size to the desired resolution.

A convenient feature of the remote desktop is the ability to print to a local printer. If a user has a color printer at home and wants to print, they can.
To activate this function, click on the Printers tab. Then, click Use a printer that is connected to the Mac, and select the printer from the list.

RDC Mac ImageOnce the settings are set, click on the Connect button. When the message box below appears click Connect again.







RDC Mac ImageThe Remote Desktop window should appear. The Secure Network Login Notice should appear. Click OK and login.







RDC Mac ImageOnce logged in, the desktop should appear. This is the similar desktop that is used when someone is logged into the SHSU computer network. A person can install programs in the remote desktop like on the actual network. This is what the desktop looks like during a remote access session.


RDC Mac ImageTo log out of the Remote Desktop, click on the Start button and choose Log Off.

The Remote Desktop window should disappear after a few seconds.







Note: When connecting to your office computer, other local resources, such as the Macintosh HD or any CD-R/DVD drives, will not be available for use. Remote.shsu.edu does not connect to your particular computer, but to an on-campus computer, allowing you to access your profile.

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