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Photoshop: Making Colored Sketches from Photos

SHSU Technology Tutorials | Photoshop | Making Colored Sketches from Photos


We will begin with the before and after images:

Original Photo   Final Sketch

So as you can see, in this tutorial you will learn how to make a colored sketch out of a normal photograph.

Step 1: Open the file you will be working with (file>open or ctrl +o)

Step 2: Make a duplicate of your background layer by dragging your background layer (in the layers palette) to the “create new layer” button or by using your pulldown
menu (layer>duplicate).

Duplicate layer

Step 3: Make the duplicate layer Black & White (image>image adjustment>desaturate)


Step 4: Now copy your duplicate layer and create another duplicate. (layer>duplicate layer or by dragging your duplicate layer to the “create new layer” button on the palette)

Create another Duplicate

Step 5: Invert the layer you just created. (ctrl + i)

Step 6: Change the layer mode to color dodge, and you should have a fairly non-visible image.

Color Dodge - Layer Mode

Step 7: Now apply Gaussian blur. You can mess around with the level until you get the desired look. The example is set at about 20. (filter>blur>gaussian blur)

Gaussian Blur

Step 8: You should now see a black and white pencil sketch. To add color click your middle layer and toy with the opacity level until you get it where you want it. Try 67% for starters.


Step 9: There is no step 9, you’re done!


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