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Laptop Checkout Orientation

SHSU Technology Tutorials | Laptop Checkout Orientation


Laptop FAQ

Q: Can I install applications of my own?

A: Yes, you can install any application of your own because the SHSU account that you log into has Administrator level access.  However, you need to have the proper licensing for the application. Most licenses allow software to be installed on only one computer at a time. If you want to install software on the laptop which has already been installed on another computer, you may want to consult the software vendor to guarantee that you will not be pirating software.


Q: Can I print to a printer from my laptop?

A: Yes, you can print to either networked printers on-campus or standalone printers.  To print directly to a network printer you will need to first connect to SamNet wireless. Then you can follow the instructions in the Wireless printing guide which can be accessed by going to the main SHSU homepage (www.shsu.edu) then selecting Technology Tutorials from the Fast Links.  Go to Getting Started and Connected then select Wireless Printing – PC or by going to the following link: http://www.shsu.edu/~ucs_www/tech_tutorials/SHSUTechTutorials/wirelessprinting_7.html.
To print to a standalone printer, you will first need to install the printer drivers for the printer before you can print. 


Q: Will I have any virus protection?

A: Yes. The laptops come installed with Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 which will update its virus definitions automatically when it can detect an Internet connection. Microsoft Forefront will actively scan your computer for anything defined as a virus. If Microsoft Forefront should ever detect a virus, follow the onscreen prompts to remove the virus. 
As a reminder, since the SHSU account does have Administrator level access you will need to be extra cautious when browsing the Internet.

Q: Where can I find more information regarding the information in this guide?

A:  For additional information or guides, please visit our Technology Tutorials page which can be accessed by going to the main SHSU homepage (www.shsu.edu) then selecting Technology Tutorials from the Fast Links or by going to the following link:  http://www.shsu.edu/~ucs_www/tech_tutorials/

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