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Internet Explorer

SHSU Technology Tutorials | Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Here are some of the features of Internet Explorer 8



By reducing the amount of items to choose from at the top of the browser, IE7 has given you more area to display the web page you are currently browsing. Wondering where the items from your old “File, Edit, View….” Toolbar menu went?

The tools pull down menu and double arrow button now contain items you used most when using the menus during your browsing experience.


Bookmarks/RSS Subscribe

To locate and/or add bookmarks or subscribe to an RSS Feed, you just need to move your mouse to the opposite side of your browser from the Tools menu. To open your bookmark menu use the star button and to add to your bookmarks/RSS Feeds, press the plus sign.



The Button Bar 



Eliminate the need for keeping multiple IE windows open with the Tabbed Browsing feature available in Internet Explorer 7. One of the benefits of this new feature is the ability to see thumbnail images of all open tabs in a single view. You can also organize multiple tabs into a single group tab and save it as a favorite.


Opening New Tabs

There are a few different ways to open a new tab in Internet Explorer 7.

For starters, you can use the new tab button located next to the right most open tab. It shows a smaller tab with nothing on it until you move your mouse over it and the new tab icon appears.

Another method for opening a new tab is to use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+T). Some users find this easier than abandoning the keyboard to use the mouse.

You may also open a link displayed in your currently viewed tab in a new tab.This can be done in 2 ways within the active tab. You can hold down your control key (CTRL) and then click your mouse on the link. It can also happen by right clicking on the link and choosing open in new tab.


Managing Tab Settings

 You can change how your tab settings work by visiting the Tools pull-down menu and selecting Internet Options. On the Internet Options panel, view the General tab and utilize the settings button in the Tabs section.








When choosing your Tabbed Browsing Settings, simply check or uncheck the appropriate checkboxes and you are on your way. Once they are selected press OK on the Tabbed Browsing Settings dialogue box and again in the Internet Options dialogue box.

























Viewing open Tabs as Thumbnails 

To view your tabs as thumbnails, use the 4 square Thumbnail button located next to your Bookmark buttons on your toolbar.



Saving a Tab Set as a Favorite

Do you have a set of web pages you view often? Save the group of tabs as a favorite for easy access via your bookmark pull-down menu. Choose your add bookmark button and select Add Tab Group to Favorites option and you are done. You will be able to access it from your Bookmark pull-down menu from then on.


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