S Drive Clean Up

S Drive Quotas

Your S drive  has a set amount of space that you are allowed. These quotas are different for students, faculty, and staff.  
Student: 500.00 MB
Faculty/Staff: 3.00

View Current Used Space

In order to view the current amount of your quota you’re using please login to SamWeb and select the Computer Services tab and select Quota Information from the list.

S Drive Cleanup Image

This program will then load and display your quota information:

S Drive Cleanup Image


Decreasing Current Used Space

The easiest way for you to free up space on your S drive, is to delete any old, irrelevant files that you are no longer needing. You can do this by simply deleting the files driectly from your S drive.

There are a few guides below that will also help you in freeing up space.

Creating Archives with IZArc

  1. Click Start and go to My Computer
  2. Select your S drive
  3. Highlight the files that you are wanting to archive
  4. Right click on one of the highlighted folders, and select IZArc -> Add to archive

S Drive Clean Up Image

  1. IZArc will launch and ask you to select the save location for the compressed folder
    (Default save location is the S drive)
    S Drive Clean Up Image

Alternate Storage Locations

You can also use other storage locations to store your files. If you have T drive access and the files are work related then you can save the files to the T common drive.  Keep in mind that who ever has access to those same folders, will have access to these files. You can also you external devices to store data. Just plug the external drive into the computer and save/move the files to the corresponding drive under My Computer.