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Ethernet Setup for Windows XP

Installing the Network Card

If a network card is not present in the computer then, one will need to be installed. To install a network card the instructions from the manufacturer are given with all the documentation material.

After the network card is installed the Operating System should pick up the new hardware and install all the necessary drivers and material to work properly. If the Operating System does not pick up the new installed network card then double check to see if the network card is installed correctly. If the network card is installed correctly and the Operating System still does not pick up the new network card, then the software that comes with the network card may need to be installed.

Checking to see if the Network card was installed Correctly

After the network card and the software for the network card are installed, double check to see if the network card is functioning properly. To do this right click on the My Computer icon (Located on the top right of the start menu). Select Properties on the bottom of the menu.

This will bring up the System Properties dialog box.

Click on the Hardware tab at the top of the window. Towards the middle of the window, click on the Device Manager button.

This will bring up a new window. About half way down there should be an icon of a green circuit board, that says “Network card”; with a “+” sign to the left of the icon. Click on the “+” sign on the left hand side (after clicking on the “+” sign it will change to a “-“ sign). Under the “Network card” icon should appear the brand name of the network card that is installed on the computer. As long as the icon with the brand name of the network card does not have a Red X or a Yellow ? then the network card should be functioning properly. If any further questions arise during this process please contact the helpdesk.

Networking setup for LAN:

Open the Control Panel from the Start menu.

Click on Network and Internet Connections

Click on Network Connections

Right click on the Local Area Connection and select Properties (Note: if you do not have a local area connection present in your network connections then please contact the helpdesk.)

After the Properties window opens click on Internet Protocol TCP\IP and then click on the properties button for it. The IP address should be obtained automatically and the Obtain DNS server address automatically should be selected. 

If you are still unable to reach a web page then go to start Run.

From the run option type CMD.


Once the command prompt opens type these two commands:

ipconfig /release (hit enter and wait a few seconds)

ipconfig /renew (hit return again and wait another few seconds)

After this you should be able to bring up a web page, if you are still unable to bring one up please contact the helpdesk at 936 294-1950.