Residence Hall Setup: Manual Network Registration

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Manual Network Registration

If your computer cannot connect to the network you may need to perform a manual registration.

To perform a manual registration first click on the “Start” button at the corner of your desktop and select “Run…” from the Start menu.

In the Run dialog that appears you will need to type in “cmd” and press enter, or click OK.

A black box with a blinking cursor will appear and you will need to type “ipconfig/all” and press enter.

After pressing enter a bunch of information should show up below. Look for a set of information that matches the highlighted set below. The Physical Address on your computer will be different from the one below. Your computer should say that its Dhcp is Enabled “Dhcp Enabled…………: Yes.” Your IP Address will be different from the IP address listed below and should be 10.30.x.x where the x’s are variable values. Example:

Write down the Physical Address of your computer, you will need this for manual registration. Once you have this address written down, you will need to find a computer that has a working and registered network connection. The labs all have working connections that you can use. 

Open a web-browser on the computer with a working connection and go to this web address:

The page that displays should be titled ResNet Network Registration, and should look like the page below:

Fill in the Physical Address that you wrote down close to the bottom of the page in the fields labeled MAC Address. Make sure you read the Acceptable Use Policy on this page and check the “I Agree to these terms” check box before signing with your E-Mail account username and password.

Example: Username = xxx99 , Password = AL3HAND4