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Ethernet Setup for Linux

After installing the Ethernet controller in your computer, you will need to know some information about your card to configure it. In a shell, issue the command, cat /proc/pci. This should tell you what the IRQ of the Ethernet controller is. Using either Netconfig or Linuxconf set up the Ethernet controller with the following information.

The gateway for the network is and the netmask is Use DHCP for the IP address of your computer.

The University Bookstore (Barnes & Noble) sells Asante 10/100 FAST Ethernet controllers. If you are using one of these then you will need to use the tulip drivers for the card. After doing this, restart the http server by issuing the command /etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart. If you correctly set up the card you should now have a working ethernet connection.


When a Ethernet card is setup correctly problems can still arise with getting connected. If the modem is still operative then the PC will always try to dial from the modem first, which is the default. The modem will have to be disabled; this is done so the Ethernet (network) card will still communicate with the network and the modem will not be deleted from the computer.

When an Ethernet card is not being recognized by the network one of the problems might be the absence of the drivers installed on the Operating System. After installing the card into the computer the software that accompanies the Ethernet card also has to be configured. Checking this can be done by seeing if the Ethernet card is recognized on the computer.