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Computing Orientation: Your Computer Account - The Real Deal

Technology Tutorials | Computing Orientation | Your Computer Account - The Real Deal

Your Computer Account - The Real Deal

 At SHSU, your computer account is so much more than just a login name and password.

Using your computer account grants you access to our network 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a Remote Desktop Connection or through one of our many labs on campus during their posted hours. The labs include everything you need – scanners, printers, CD burners and even lab assistants to help out when you have a question or problem.

On campus, your computer account provides access to the many software applications that the University provides. Programs such as Word, Photoshop and Powerpoint make homework a snap. Don’t know how to use them? Our website has many Software Guides

In addition to software access, you also have a “roaming” drive called the S drive that you have access to from any computer on campus. The S drive gives you 500 Mb of  storage space – plenty of room for essays, images and other documents.

Inside the S Drive, you also have a folder set aside for web space for your own SHSU web site. Web pages, pictures and other files can be saved in the S:\_website, and will be accessible on the Internet at your student web site http://www.shsu.edu/~username.

While living in the residence halls, a computer account will give you access to free high-speed internet and the ability to connect to the S and T drives. Setup instructions are available in the Software Guides and support through the Service Desk.

Your account will also give you access to Blackboard, an online learning resource offered at SHSU, and if you are taking any online courses you will have access to SHSU Online.

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