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Cisco IP Phones: 7970 Advanced Call Handling

SHSU Technology Tutorials | Cisco IP Phones | 7970 Advanced Call Handling

7970 Advanced Call Handling

Transferring Calls

To transfer a call without talking to the transfer recipient:

  • Press Transfer and enter the target number. The original call is automatically placed on hold. When you hear the call ringing, press Transfer again to complete the transfer. To cancel the transfer, press EndCall.

To transfer a call when talking to the recipient before transferring:

  • Press Transfer and enter the target number. Wait for the transfer recipient to answer. If the recipient accepts the transferred call, press Transfer again to complete the transfer.) If the recipient refuses the call, press Resume to return to the original call. To cancel the transfer, press EndCall.

To transfer two current calls to each other (direct transfer):

  • Scroll to highlight any call on the line and press Select. Repeat this process for the second call. With one of the selected calls highlighted, press DirTrfr. (You might need to press more to see DirTrfr.) The two calls connect to each other and drop you from the call.

Send a call to your voice messaging system:

  • Press iDivert. The call is automatically transferred to your voice message greeting. You can use iDivert with a call that is active, ringing, or on hold.


Using Call Pickup

You can answer an incoming call to your extension that is ringing on an extension other than your own by using the call pickup feature. You will be able to pick up a call from within your own group (a “group” is any consolidation of IP Phone extensions, as defined by your telecomm administrator. For example, your group might contain coworkers from neighboring cubes or your business unit).

Answer a call that is ringing on another extension within your call pickup group:

  1. Press PickUp.
  2. Press Answer to connect to the call.

Answer a call that is ringing on another extension outside your group:

  1. Press GPickUp.
  2. Enter the group pickup code.
  3. Press Answer to connect to the call.

Answer a call that is ringing on another extension in your group or in an associated group:

  1. Press OPickUp.
  2. Press Answer to connect to the call.

Note: When you press PickUp and GPickUp, you connect to the call that has been ringing for the longest time. With OPickUp, your system administrator can associate multiple call pickup groups with your group and assign a priority to the groups. When you press OPickUp, you connect to the ringing call in the pickup group with the highest priority.


Forwarding All Calls

You can set up call forwarding to forward all your incoming calls on line one to another phone number or voice mail.

Note: This feature only applies to the first line on your phone. An ACD (Agent) line should never be set up for forwarding.

  1. Press the CfwdAll softkey. You will hear two beeps.
  2. Dial the number to which you want to forward all of your calls. Make sure to enter in this number exactly how you would if you were placing a call from your office phone.
  3. You can cancel call forward all so that incoming calls will call your extension again by pressing the CfwdAll softkey.

Placing a Conference Call

  1. During a call, press the more softkey and then the Confrn softkey. The first party is placed on hold.
  2. Dial another number or extension.
  3. When the call connects, press Confrn again to add the new party to the call.
  4. Repeat the first three steps to add additional participants.

Note: If the person at the number that you are attempting to conference in is not available, press the Resume softkey to return to the first party on the line.

Removing a Conference Call Participant

  1. During a conference call that you initiated, press the more softkey and then the ConfList softkey.
  2. Use the Navigation buttons to select the participant you wish to remove and press the remove softkey.

Note: While viewing the list, press the Update softkey to get an updated list of the participants.


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