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Syncing your BlackBerry with Microsoft Outlook:

The first thing that you need to do is download the BlackBerry Desktop Software. (You will need temporary admin access to accomplish this, which can be granted on an as needed basis using the SamWeb Work Order system.)

After you have downloaded the software double click on the file. 

The InstallShield Wizard will pop. Click Next.


 Click Next one more time and you should be at the "License Agreement" page.

Once you are on the "License Agreement" page select whether you accept the terms or do not accept them then click Next.

 Continue clicking Next until the Wizard asks if you want to integrate a personal email or work email.

 Click Next again then click Install.

 After the Installation is complete open up the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and click the button that says Synchronize.

 Now that you are on the Synchronize page click the Configuration link on the left-hand side of the program.


On this page click the Synchronization button to configure the Synchronizing options for your BlackBerry.

 In the "Setup" window choose which of the Applications you wish to configure for your device then click Setup.

 On the next page you want to select "Microsoft Outlook" then click Next.

 The next page lets you choose between "Two way sync", "One way from device", and "One way to device".

Initially you need to select  "One way from device" so you don't delete the files already on your BlackBerry.

After you have fully synced the first time, you need to go back in and set this option to "Two way sync".

On the final page for the Synchronization setup make sure under Outlook user profile that Outlook is selected in the dropdown list.

Under Calendar date range select Transfer only future items. Click Next.

Great! Now we are back to the Synchronization page click on the link on the left-hand side that says Synchronize.

Click the Sync button and you are done.