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Microsoft Exchange on a Blackberry

SHSU Technology Tutorials | Microsoft Exchange on Blackberry

Getting Exchange mail on a Blackberry:

In order to get your SHSU Exchange mail on a Blackberry device, you MUST have a data plan. SHSU does not have Blackberry Enterprise Server, so a direct connection cannot be made. However, you can still receive e-mail from Exchange on your device using the Outlook Web Access and sync your contacts and calendar by connecting the Blackberry to a computer that has Outlook setup with your Exchange account.



To start off, go to your Wireless providers Blackberry Internet Service website.

If you haven't already done so you need to register an account with your Wireless Providers BIS.

Click on the Set Up Account button:


Next, complete the forms on the page and click the Next button to continue:



On the next page you need choose "I will provide the settings to add this email account", then click Next:


Select "This is my work email account."


In the "Outlook® / Exchange®" section, select "I can access my email account using a Web Browser (Outlook® Web Access)", and then click Next.


Complete the required fields on this page. the Outlook® Web Access URL for SHSU is mail.shsu.edu:


Note: the Mailbox name refers to your Username: ex: xxx001

Click the Next button and if all of the settings have been configured correctly you will the pop-up below:

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