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Attendance Initiative - Roll Sheets

SHSU Technology Tutorials | Attendance Initiative


How to Print Out Roll Sheets

Click on the link for “Roll Sheets”.

This will bring you to a screen to enter the ID of the professor assigned to the course for which you want roll sheets.

Access a Professors Roll Sheets



Here we have three options

  • If we know the Sam ID, we can enter it directly. For Faculty printing roll sheets for their own courses, this will likely be the easiest method.
  • If we know the name of the person we want roll sheets  for but do not know their Sam ID, we can look it up by clicking on the “Find a Sam ID” link. This will pop up a separate new window


Enter Name Portal


  • We can enter either a first and last name or a username
  • And click search

Getting a name result


  • We can then select and copy (Ctrl+c) the Sam ID so that we can paste it on the first screen.
  • Finally, we can just leave the ID box blank to get a list of courses that have no assigned professor


Once we have decided on our input, we can click the “Display Courses” button to get to our list of courses.


We are presented with a list of courses. For each of these courses, we have the CRN, the course subject, number and section. Beside each course will be an indication of whether this course is or is not required for the Attendance Initiative, and the reason listed why the course is not considered required (if applicable).

  • If you feel that the reason given is in error, you can contact the Registrar’s office to have the course updated. This is currently handled by Dana Bible.


List of Courses


We select a course, and click the “Get Roll Sheet for Selected Course” button and we are taken to this screen:



This sheet can be printed and used as a roll sheet. Information included:

  • The term this roll sheet is for
  • The course’s subject code, course number, and sequence
  • The professor’s name
  • The professor’s Sam ID, in the case that someone other than the professor is entering attendance, this will speed up their process.
  • The CRN of the course.
  • A list of student Sam IDs and Names.
  • The date and time the roll sheet was generated, so that students that have registered after that time understand why they do not appear.

List of Students


After printing this page, you can press back on your browser to return to the course selection screen.

If you would like to print roll sheets for another professor, you can click on the “Roll Sheets” link in order to get back to the Sam ID entry page.


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