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Residence Hall Setup

SHSU Technology TutorialsComputing Orientation | Residence Hall Setup

SHSU Residence Hall Ethernet Network  


 General Information

All students wishing to use our network must register their computer or device on NetReg before they are allowed access. Each dorm is equipped with at least one port in the dorm. The only exceptions are the following, which have an additional port in the living room:

  • Bearkat Village
  • Sam Houston Village
  • Raven Village 


All students are required to register their computer or device during their initial semester and each Fall Semester thereafter. All registrations are cleared prior to the Fall Semester. Once registered, students are permitted to use any port within the residence halls.

Getting Connected

  1. A computer with an Ethernet NIC (Network Interface Card).  Most desktops and laptops come with an integrated Ethernet NIC card that will allow you to connect to the network.  If your computer does not have an integrated NIC, cards can be purchased at various retail locations. Be sure that your NIC Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is set for DHCP. 
  2. An active computer account.  You will be required to have your username and password.  If you don’t have an activate account, you may activate it by contacting the IT@Sam Service Desk by dialing 4-1950 on campus or 936-294-1950.
  3. An Ethernet cable.  You must have at least a Category 5 Ethernet network cable to connect the NIC to the access port. Make sure your cable is long enough to reach from the port to your desk (or wherever you plan to use your computer).
  4. The Blue Port. All dorms will plug directly into the blue port on the wall.

Registering Your Device

Students are allowed to register 5 devices. Once you have set up your device, you are now ready for the registration process.

  1. Open an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.  You will be immediately redirected to the SHSU NetReg page (http://netreg.shsu.edu).
    • Note:  If you are not directed to the SHSU Netreg page when you first launch your browser, follow the guides listed below under Ethernet Setup by Operating System and then follow the Manual Registration instructions. Or if you are getting a forbidden error in IE, you can download Firefox from netreg.shsu.edu/tools.

  2. Read and agree to the SHSU Acceptable Use Policy.
  3. Enter your SHSU username and password, and click Submit.
  4. Once your computer has been successfully registered you will be redirected to a Microsoft webpage.
  5. Congratulations, you have now successfully registered your device!!!


Choose Your Operating System

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