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Remote Desktop Connection: Remote Desktop Connection for Windows XP

SHSU Technology Tutorials | Remote.shsu.edu | Remote Desktop Connection for Windows XP

Remote Desktop Connection for Windows XP


With remote.shsu.edu you can now connect to your SHSU profile from off campus using the Remote Desktop Connection utility available on Windows.

To connect, go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection.


The Remote Desktop Connection dialog will appear. Enter remote.shsu.edu in the “Computer:” prompt and press Connect.
















Then, log in using your SHSU username and password as on a campus computer, and you will be connected to your SHSU profile.

The yellow bar at the top of the screen contains the minimize, restore, and close buttons just like at the top-right corner of any Windows program. The thumb-tack icon on the left side controls the yellow bar – when the icon is active, the yellow bar will remain visible. When it is not, the bar will “hide” when the mouse is not over it. The icon can be activated or deactivated by clicking on it.

Note: Remember to always log off before disconnecting.



Logging in on a Laptop

Using remote.shsu.edu with a laptop is similar, only that SHSU username and password must be entered before you click "Connect". To enter username and password, click the Options button on the Remote Connect prompt.





Before selecting Connect please go to the Local Resources tab and make sure that "Clipboard" is selected so that you can use the Copy/Paste function. You can also select the "More..." button and add in your local storage devices by selecting the checkbox for "Drives".


Remote Desktop 2Remote Desktop 3



Enter SHSU username and password in the spaces provided.





















When the profile opens, click on the Start button and choose the My Computer icon.



















The local drives will be seen in the lower part of the window in the “Other” section.





To access the local drive, double click on the either the C, D, or E drives with the computer’s or node’s name on the end, such as “C on AB-1-2-211.” Then, double click the disk drive that contains the file you are copying into the local drive. Click on the file and drag it into the local folder.




Note to Faculty/Staff: When connecting to your office computer, other local resources, such as C:/ drive or any CD-R/DVD drives will not be available for use. Remote.shsu.edu does not connect to your particular computer, but to an on-campus computer allowing you access to your profile.

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