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Microsoft Outlook: Navigation Bar

SHSU Technology Tutorials | Microsoft Outlook | Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar sits at the bottom of the Navigation Pane and gives you access to the basic functions of Outlook 2010


The first tab on the Navigation Bar is the Mail tab. Clicking this will display your email, including your Inbox, email folders, and message pane.

Navigation Bar


The Calendar tab displays your personal calendar of events with an hourly schedule for the current day displayed in the Message Pane. To add a new item to your hourly schedule, click the New Appointment button in the top left hand corner.



New Appointment Button



A new dialog box will open that resembles an email window. The subject line is the name of the appointment you wish to schedule, such as Board Meeting, Doctor Appointment, or Pick Up Kids. You can then set the start and end times of the appointment.

New Appointment


Instead of making a new appointment every time the same appointment takes place, you can set a Recurrence and Outlook will automatically enter that appointment for the time that you set it to recur each day, week, month, etc. For instance, you can set a recurrence like "Lunch with Steve" by clicking Recurrence. A new dialog box will open which will allow you to set the start time, end time, and frequency of the appointment.

Appointment Recurrence


Click Contacts to view your address book. To add a new contact, click in the line that says "Click here to add a new contact." Then simply add the name, company name, phone numbers, and other contact information. You can choose which information you wish to view for your contacts by clicking Phone List to view all of the phone numbers, By Location to view the region and state of your contacts, etc.

Contacts Navigation Bar

Tasks are added and organized much the same way as Contacts. Click in the "New Task" button at the top in order to add a new task, and change your viewing preferences by using the bulleted list on the left-hand side. You can choose to view tasks for the next seven days, active tasks, completed tasks, etc.

Navigation Bar Tasks



Navigation Bar FoldersThe Folders List allows you to view all of the folders that Outlook manages. You are also able to check to see how much space each folder is taking (Folder Sizes), and where the data for those folders is kept (Data File Management).








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