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SHSU Technology Tutorials | Captivate


Recording Your Screen


For your project, you may find it necessary to record an action on your screen. This tutorial will show you how to do just that.


With your presentation open, click the "Record" button on the menu


Record Button


You will be asked after what slide in the presentation to input your recording.

Once you have chosen a location, select OK

Insert A Record Slide


Record Window


Select the Window that you wish to record (Captivate will populate the list with the windows that you have open)




You now need to set up your recording type:




Demo Mode Use the demonstration mode when you want to demonstrate a procedure or feature. The movie produced in this mode however, does not provide any scope for user interaction. The user can only passively view actions that were performed when the project was recorded.
Training Mode Use the training mode when you want the user to try the procedure during the movie. The movie moves to the next slide only after the user has performed the previous action correctly.
Assessment Mode Use the assessment mode when you want to test how well the user has understood a procedure. You can set a score for every correct click. You can also set the number of times the user can attempt a procedure. When the user fails to click the right option in the number of attempts provided, the movie moves to the next step. The user does not get any score for the failed attempt



Automatic Panning The recording window automatically moves along with the pointer whenever you move the mouse during recording.
Manual Panning You must manually move the recording window to the area where the next event takes place. In all other respects, It is like the automatic panning option.


Once these are set, hit Record and begin recording your actions.

Once you are done, Captivate will add the recording to your project.


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