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SHSU Technology Tutorials | Captivate


Adding Standard Objects

Captions and other objects can take a normal presentation and make it more dynamic.

To add objects, such as captions, go to Insert > Standard Objects

Insert Caption



Captivate List of Standard Objects

Text Caption point out menu options or icons or to focus user attention on easily overlooked details.
Rollover Caption when you want to display the caption only when the user moves the mouse over a designated area on the slide.
Rollover Image consist of an image and a rollover area (the “hot” area). Rollover images appear when the end user moves the pointer over the rollover area at run time.
Highlight Box Use highlight boxes tospotlight areas within a slide. Highlight boxes focus the user’s attention on the required areas of the slide.
Click Box Areas on the slide where the user must click before the next action can take place.
Button Add interactivity to a Captivate presentation. You determine what happens when the button is clicked
Text Entry Box Text entry boxes are text fields into which users can enter text. Text entry boxes are a great way to test users’ knowledge.
Rollover Slidelet pace on a slide that displays an associated slidelet (a slide within a slide) when the mouse is moved over the space.
Zoom Area draw the learner’s attention to important sections of a slide.
Mouse You can change the properties of the mouse object using its Property Inspector.




Any object you add to a slide can be synced up in the timeline at the bottom of the page. In this case, we have a click box that will appear just as the slide is nearing its end

To change the duration of an object, simply click and drag the timeline event.





You can control what standard objects do in the properties panel on the right-hand side of your screen.

In this case, when the check box is clicked, Captivate will advance to the next slide.

You can also trigger e-mails as well as execute a JavaScript code.

Properties Panel

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