Mathematica Use at Home

Registration and Obtaining Your Password

Wolfram provides an excellent software guide for installing Mathematica on your home computer. To view these instructions, consult the links below to see which matches your situation.

For Windows users, click on this link

For Macintosh users, click on this link

However, make sure you do this on the machine that you are installing the program on; it is keyed for the machine itself. The MathID will be generated for each machine during the install process. After you complete Step 5 of the installtion process, click on this link to receive your password:

Next, you need to enter your license number. Your license number is located on the Mathematica License Certificate within the Mathematica documentation you will receive. It will be in bold and formatted LXXXX-XXXX where X is a number. Then click Continue.

Entering the License Number

Next, you'll enter your MathID. Your MathID was given to you in Step 5 of the installation process. Once you've done that, click Continue.

Enter MathID

Next, enter all of your personal information. This license will be issued to you and is valid only for you. Once you're finished, click Continue.

Enter Personal Information

On the next page, check the appropriate boxes for your use of Mathematica 4.2. Once you're finished, click Continue.

Choose the Appropriate Boxes

This page displays the password that will be used to complete the installation. Please note that his password is only valid for the computer on which the software was first installed. It cannot be installed on another computer with the same password.

Here's your Password

Then enter your password to finish the installation process.

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