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WebDev Updates

The web development team is available for updating websites for departments across campus.

We would also like users to know that to make updates and changes yourself is very simple with Adobe Contribute. Contribute makes updating web sites as easy as opening a Word Document, making the change, and saving it. We offer training in Contribute and we offer to completely set you up on the program, plus assist you when you have problems. Contribute makes things easier for everyone, in that you have the access to make the updates and not wait on us, plus it will lighten our load of updates that we currently make on a regular basis.

In order for us to efficiently update websites, please follow these guidelines. The guidelines will make the process quick and we will have changes made in a timely manner.

  • All updates or changes should be detailed

    Please provide a link to the page that needs the change (example: http://www.shsu.edu). Then underneath the link, provide what changes need to be made as far as text or images.

    If the whole page of text is different and needs to be replaced, please provide the whole text in a Word document (.doc). Make sure the information in the document is specific information that needs to be changed and not non-changing information. Please do not include text in the documents that does not need to be updated.

    For Images, just point out which image on the page needs to be changed and include the new image. Images should be in .jpg, .gif, .tiff, or .psd format. If you only have images in hardcopy, like from a film developer, you can campus mail the images or let you know and we can pick them up and we can scan them in for you.

  • Included all changes in one Email

    Once you gather all your changes, combine all the necessary files (word documents, image files, any other types that need to be added) in one Email. For Macintosh users, please provide file extensions to your files so we know what we are dealing with. Also for Macintosh users, do not load all your files in a Macintosh specific compressed file (example: .sit file or a StuffIt file). For Windows users, you can put your files in a .zip compressed file if you would like, and we also recommend you doing so if you are sending a great number of images.

    In the Email subject, tell us what site the changes are for. Once the changes have been made we will contact you to let you know they are complete. Please review them and make sure they are correct. If there is a mistake, just reply back to us with the correction and we will take care of it.

    Changes can be sent to webdev@shsu.edu. If you have any questions about your changes, feel free to call us at 294-1851 or at 294-4495.

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