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Lab Reservations


Lab Reservations

There are two types of Lab Reservations:

1.) Academic and extends weekly through the entire semester.

If your request is academic and semester-long, please go through the Registrar's office to officially book your academic course in a lab. That can be done by sending the Registrar's lab request form via email to the Registrar.

2.) Academic/Non-Academic and does NOT extend weekly through the entire semester.

If you request is academic or non-academic and is not required all semester long, please fill out the Computer Lab event template in Ad-Astra.  IT@Sam lab reservations are accepted AFTER the Registrar's office has completely booked the Academic courses for the semester, typically a week or two after the semester starts.

If you would like to cancel your reservation, please send an email to the Lab and Classroom Services Manager.

In the lab request form the following information will be needed:

  • Requesters name, email, phone, department, course name.
  • CRN number of course (if relevant).
  • Lab Room Number requested
  • Number of students to use the lab.
  • Any special needs (projector, ADA station, zoom text software).
  • Dates/Times the lab is to be reserved.
  • Any Software needs.
  • Organization.

Faculty and Staff members, as well as students, may use University labs for classes, presentations, testing, etc. Faculty and Staff may submit problems with lab conditions such as lighting, temperature, speed of connection, etc. to the Lab and Classroom Services Manager.

Lab Assistants

Lab Assistants are staffed in the open labs such as NGL 200, WHI 120, TWC315, and CHSS 130 to assist students. The Computer Lab Assistants staff is made up of students. Their role is to give general assistance, not to tutor. Lab Assistants are available to assist clients with computer hardware, software, printers, and other various technologies in the open labs.

We also have technicians who can be called upon for help in a classroom or lab. They are skilled in troubleshooting audio/visual equipment, computers, printers, and other various technologies in the classrooms and labs. They also stock the labs with paper and supplies. The technicians are not available to stay in a lab/classroom throughout the reservation time frame, however, they can be contacted and can assist clients remotely, or in person. For assistance, please contact the ServiceDesk at 936-294-1950 or click on the IT@SAM Help icon on the computer desktop.

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