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Project PlanningCampus Projects - Sage

IT@Sam has recently completed a project that will greatly improve marketability for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Over the past several months, IT@Sam has worked to install two computational servers dedicated to run a mathematical program called Sage.

What is Sage?

Sage is an open source, browser-based, mathematics software that covers many aspects of mathematics. Those who have access to Sage can perform computations on everything from basic algebra to calculus and beyond. Students can use Sage to improve their skills in a particular course while faculty can use it to do groundbreaking research.

Computational servers running software such as Sage are commonplace among research intensive universities. However, these servers are not too common for teaching oriented universities. The fact that Sage is free has allowed Sam Houston State University to install these servers at minimal cost. As a result, students  in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics now have a resource to assist them in several of their courses and research projects. We expect this to have an impact on recruitment for both graduate and undergraduate students in the different programs that the Mathematics and Statistics department offers. The servers have also had a positive impact in the research programs of several faculty in the department by providing computational resources previously unavailable in our institution. 

The faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics currently use Sage in several mathematics courses. When a student enrolls in a particular math course, the professor can provide them access to the Sage website. Students in some sections of Calculus 3 and Discrete Math are already seeing the benefits of this program.

As part of the implementation, IT@Sam has made possible for students to log in to the Sage website with their current SHSU username and password, which means students do not need separate credentials to log in to Sage.

While this project is marked as “complete,” IT@Sam will keep the Department of Mathematics and Statistics updated on any scheduled server down times as well as upgrades. This will ensure that students and faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics have access to this incredible resource.

IT@Sam would like to thank Dr. Martin Malandro and Dr. Luis Garcia of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for providing information about this technology.

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