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Have You Separated Your Former Employees?

Separation EPAFs

Separation Electronic Personnel Action Forms (Separation EPAFs) allow for paperless processing of personnel that are no longer employed at SHSU through Banner.  In other words, when an employee no longer works here a separation EPAF is required to reflect the change in our system.

Why Does it Matter?

Every time an employee leaves SHSU, whether they are full time, part time or hourly, a separation EPAF must be completed to reflect the separation in Banner. If this EPAF is not filed, an individual can appear in Banner as an employee when, in fact, they are not.

Any and all compliance training (i.e. EEO and Security Awareness Training) must be completed by each SHSU employee. If a separation EPAF is not filed for these individuals, they (and therefore their manager according to Talent Management) could potentially get assignments and annoying late notifications for employees who are no longer attached to the department. If, however, a separation EPAF is submitted for all separations, we can prevent unnecessary notices via Talent Management.

If you have any unsubmitted separation EPAFs, please complete them as soon as possible. You can do so by going to:

  • MySam
  • Campus Resources Tab
  • Banner Self Service Folder
  • Electronic Personnel Action Form
  • New EPAF

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