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“The Director’s Cut”

In searching for a quote on customer service with which to kick off my inaugural newsletter article, I ran across one on my personal favorite quotes list (yes, I do have that list among many others).  I knew I needed something grand, after coming up with a title like “The Director’s Cut.”  I think this particular quote applies to not only customer service, but to nearly everything in our lives. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”  - Charles Darwin  (At least one other organization would agree that this applies to customer service - this quote is #3 on Customer 1’s 99 Legendary Customer Service Quotes list.) 

Although change is not always popular, organizations must adapt to the changing needs of their clients.  As the number and scope of products and services, especially in the technology field, change on a daily basis, those who create, deliver and provide service must change as well.  As one example, higher education is experiencing a relatively recent change - the demand for online classes – and as this demand continues to rise, faculty and staff and their supporting technologies will need to adapt appropriately.

Customer service is no different.  As noted by leading independent researchers in information technology ZenDesk and Forrester, one trend (read: “change”) noted for customer service in 2013 includes the increase in demand for self-service options, a.k.a. knowledge management.  A knowledge base that provides standardized answers to frequently asked questions is more in demand as we adapt to the multiple new mobile technologies at our fingertips – smart phones, tablets, and a host of other devices.

To change with the demand and improve our services, IT@Sam Client Services will introduce in the coming months our own Knowledge Base, as part of the Self-Service Portal (also referred to as Cherwell) in addition to our current Technology Tutorials.  This will contain information on fixing common error messages and general "how-to" instructions for software and hardware.  What types of information would you like to see?  What would be helpful for you to know as you go through your daily routines?  What types of information do you need to be more efficient or productive?  Send your thoughts to us at the Service Desk.

Stephanie Fors
Director of Client Services
Sam Houston State University
936.294.1049 phone

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