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Campus Wireless Network Upgrade

Thomas on LaptopAs the result of faculty, student and staff feedback, IT@Sam is happy to announce that we have upgraded the SHSU wireless network.

The upgrades provide the following benefits:

  • Increased opportunity to use campus wireless
  • Improved overall wireless experience
  • Log in less frequently on mobile devices
  • More people can use wireless at once

To facilitate the improved service, we have increased the number of IP addresses for the wireless network. Before this upgrade, we could only offer 8184 unique IP addresses. This was problematic since we have roughly 17,000 students and 2000 faculty and staff on campus. We have thus increased the number of available IP addresses to 65528 to allow for more wireless devices to be on the wireless network at any given time.

In addition, we have extended DHCP lease times from one to twelve hours and implemented code upgrades that will greatly improve your experience. For example, people using iPhones, iPads, and various other mobile devices will not have to log in as frequently as they once did.

These changes should go a long way towards improving your wireless access experience at SHSU.

Please feel free to test your devices and share feedback. If you have feedback or questions, please call the IT@Sam Service Desk at 4-HELP.


SHSU Wireless Network Authentication Page Going Away May 18

Those who frequently use the SHSU wireless network, SamNet, have brought it to our attention that the process of constantly logging in quickly becomes tiresome, especially on mobile devices. Therefore, on May 18, we are introducing a new version of SamNet which will be able to store your credentials and reuse them upon subsequent logins. This means that, after you first connect to SamNet you can bypass the login screen in the future.

Guests will still need to use the current version of SamNet, which will be renamed SamNet-guest, to use the wireless network.

As another benefit to faculty, staff, and students, the new SamNet will encrypt any data sent over it. This feature is not available with the current version of SamNet.

Currently, anyone who wishes to use the SHSU wireless network must first authenticate on the network with their SHSU credentials. While this takes just a few seconds, your credentials are not stored and you will be required to supply your SHSU credentials the next time you try and connect to the wireless network. This will all change May 18.


On May 18, you can expect the following:

  • The ability to store your SHSU credentials for connection to SamNet
  • An encrypted connection
  • Two wireless networks
    • SamNet
    • SamNet-guest

If you have feedback or questions, please call the IT@Sam Service Desk at 4-HELP.

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