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Why Should You Log Out of Your Machine?

Your computer plays an essential role in completing your daily tasks. You rely on it to work efficiently and without fail and it is our goal to ensure that your machine has the latest updates.  However, these updates can only take place if there is no one logged in to the machine. It is for this reason that we suggest you log out of your machine occasionally to allow for potential updates.
A majority of updates to campus machines are pushed out over the weekend. Therefore, we recommend, at the very least, to log out of your machine after you leave work on Friday. This will help to ensure that your computer will receive any updates pushed to campus.

What is Vishing?

Vishing PhotoThis month’s technology tip is a follow up to phishing. 

Recap: You probably remember that phishing involves using email to direct you to a fake website where you type in your personal information.  In one version of phishing you receive an email that seems to be from your bank or another financial institution.  In the email, they inform you that you have to go to a specific website and re-confirm your account information.  Of course the link they provide is for a fake website and if you type into it you're just going to give them (the phishers) the information they need to wreak havoc on your account. 

Most banks and financial institutions adapted to this scam and have implemented policies to never contact you via email to ask you to "re-confirm" your account information.  Scammers and con artists have also adapted, so they started doing what's called "vishing." 
Here's how a vishing scam works:  You receive an email that appears to be from your bank and it informs you that you need to call a specific phone number to "re-confirm" your account information. The number provided is of course phony and when you call them and give them your account information they simply use it to access your accounts illegally and take your money. So instead of using a fake website to "fish for information" they are using a fake phone number to fish for your voice.  Thus:  vishing.

How can you protect yourself?  Never assume that any information in an e-mail is legitimate. Specifically, do not assume that the phone number sent to you in an e-mail is a legitimate number. Verify the validity of any request for your personal information, such as credit card numbers, account numbers, Social Security numbers, etc., by calling your financial institution or credit card company directly via the phone numbers you have for these companies. 




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