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  • Tech Tip: Slide Zoom in PowerPoint

Tech Tip: Slide Zoom in PowerPoint

Slide Zoom is one of the most useful aspects in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. If you have a particularly detailed chart or want to direct your audience’s focus to one particular element of a slide, Slide Zoom eliminates the noise and takes you directly to that element. This saves you from making a secondary slide just to highlight one element, and can be more graphically appealing than highlighting text on a slide. Here’s how to make the most of this feature.

Click the magnifying glass icon in Presenter View, located beneath the main slide. 

Presenter View 2


Here is what presenter view looks like in a dual-monitor setup. The left monitor is what the presenter sees and the right monitor is what the audience sees.

Presenter View


Hover over the area of the slide you want to magnify.

Magnify Option


Once you have the proper area highlighted, left-click your mouse to zoom in.

Click and drag the hand tool over the slide to move the slide around while still zoomed in.

Pressing the Escape key will bring you out of the zoom mode.



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