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Mouse AnatomyTech Tip: Shortcuts With Your Mouse

Your mouse is something that you may take for granted every time you use it. Most people are familiar with the basic functions but there are a few subtle mouse functions that you may not be aware of. For this month’s tech tip, we look at those functions.


Most people know that double clicking with the left mouse button will open up applications and files. That isn’t the only thing it does, though. When working with text in a Word document or e-mail message, double-clicking on a word automatically selects the word. You can then edit the selection as you desire.

Select Word


Take it a step further and triple-click with the left button. This is a useful shortcut for making selections in many situations.

In word processing applications, like Microsoft Word, you can triple-click to select an entire paragraph.

Select Paragraph

You can also select a URL (for example, in your web browser's address bar) by triple-clicking it. If you want, you can then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C (Windows) or Command+C (Mac) to copy the URL.

Scroll Wheel

Your scroll wheel does a tad more than just scroll (although that is pretty cool). You can press the scroll wheel, like a mouse button, to select a link and open it in new browser tab.

Select URL

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