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Service Teams Update

The EndIn August of 2011, IT@Sam organized its service delivery resources into service teams with the goal of reducing the time in which work orders were completed to improve services for our clients and campus community.  The “service teams” were assigned specific physical locations that they were responsible to support. This structure enabled us to assign work orders based on the location of the problem, which would allow our clients to see the same group of technicians each time assistance was needed. It was anticipated that the technicians would become more familiar with the particular software or system utilized in each of their assigned areas, which in theory would expedite problem resolution.  Over the past two years we have made several adjustments to this structure to try and improve the results; however, it has not proven to be the best model for the University at this time. Since much of the activity which drives the technical support needs of the University are periodically recurrent based on the college or academic discipline, it was not uncommon for one service team to have an excessive workload, while other teams would remain under-utilized. This at times, would cause work orders to be open longer as they waited for the intended service team to become available. It has become clear that we do not have an adequate level of staffing to successfully employ this type of service delivery model; therefore, Client Services management has made the decision to move away from the “service team” structure effective December 2012.


For most clients this change will not affect your initial point of contact to IT@Sam. In order to more effectively address the growing demand in IT, we will be escalating work orders to “subject matter experts” based on the technology rather than on the physical location. This should enable us to resolve issues more effectively by having the best equipped personnel working on the most appropriate problems. It will also allow organizational flexibility by distributing work more evenly throughout the year, regardless of college or department. By spreading the workload evenly across all our available technical resources, the work order “backlog” should be more manageable and waiting times reduced as a result. We are always striving for ways to improve your IT-related service experience and we feel strongly that this will be a positive change for our clients and the campus community as a whole. Thank you for your continued support through these changes.


If your work order needs special attention, your contacts are:

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