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Tech Tips - Send E-mail Messages to Mobile Phones

Email and PhoneMany cellular carriers allow their customers to send a text message directly from an authorized e-mail account. Carriers assign specific e-mail addresses to each phone number. The e-mail addresses that are generated are unique to the provider. With this format you can compose e-mail or text messages with Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail or other email programs and quickly send your email message to the cell phone of a person or a group of people.


Send Email to Cell Phone – Benefits

Email to text functionality may appeal to someone who does not have a full QWERTY keyboard on their phone but is frequently in front of a computer. Typing on a standard keyboard can be more efficeint for some users. This is ideal if you need to send text messages to a group of people.

Another benefit of email to text is that email messages sent to a phone also generate an easy to recall record of the message in the email Sent Items folder.

There is no special add-on or plug-in required for the sender but any message recipient will need to have text messaging enabled on their phone. Text messages are limited to a 160 character maximum so if you are using a signature block in your email be sure to remove it from your message. Phones only support plain text messages and many people send email messages in HTML format. This is not a problem as the carriers automatically convert messages to plain text.

How To Send A Text Message From Email

For example, to send email to a cell phone with a T-Mobile account you would use the “@tmomail.net” extension in the email address. The email address would look something like  phonenumber@tmomail.net. Here are the email address formats for several large cellular carriers:

Verizon –    phonenumber@vtext.com
AT&T –     phonenumber@txt.att.net
Nextel –      phonenumber@messaging.nextel.com
Sprint –     phonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
T-Mobile – phonenumber@tmomail.net


Normal text messaging rates will apply to people who receive email messages. Recipients can respond just like they would to a standard text message from another mobile phone.


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