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Department of Mass Communcation's LED Lights

LEDEvery month, we like to feature articles about groups on campus outside of IT@Sam who are doing innovative things with technology. This month we feature the Department of Mass Communication's and their new LED lights.

LED, or light-emitting diodes, lights are used in a number of daily applications from aviation lighting to automotive lighting. Infrared LEDs are also used in remote controls. LED lights can even be found on this very campus!

Lighting is an important aspect of television and film. However, as with light bulbs at your house, television lights burn out too. That is what makes these LED lights so great. The longevity of the diodes is vastly superior to ordinary bulbs. In fact, there are some LED lights from the 70's that are still running! This saves the university money as they replace bulbs far less frequently.

LED lights also generate less heat than conventional bulbs. This means that people on camera are more comfortable since they are cooler. In order to maintain the same level of comfort with conventional bulbs, air conditioners have to run at a very low temperature to offset the heat. This is yet another way in which LED lights save money.

Also, Sam Houston State University is the only Communications Departments in the nation to utilize LED lights for their television productions. This is one factor that helps make the Communications program at Sam Houston State University very competitive.

For more information about LED lights, please contact Kelly Muns.


If you know of a group on campus doing innovative things with technology, please contact us. We're happy to share this information with the SHSU campus community!

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