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Data Storage

With the Holidays over, IT@Sam would like to take this time to remind you about the data storage options available to you here. Faculty, Staff, and Current Students have the option of saving data in one of three places. But where should you save your data and why?



There are many benefits of using the network shares (S:/Users$ or T:/Common) to store your data including:

  • Network shares are backed up daily. Therefore, files can usually be recovered if they are accidentally deleted or corrupted.
  • The data on network shares is available to you remotely which means you can access the same files whether you are in your office, in a classroom, or at home via the remote desktop connection.
  • Security of your data is ensured on SHSU network drives.


S: Drive or Users$

ServerThe S:(PC) or Users$(Mac) drive is your own personal network-based storage location for files and folders. Each person is given personal disk space on this network drive. As a faculty or staff member, your quota is initially set to 3 GB. This size can be increased upon request. All we ask is that you ensure that all files on the system are work related and then call the Service Desk to initiate a work order. 

If you roam from computer to computer, the S:/ or Users$ drive will be the most convenient option for you. This storage location is a network-drive.



T: or Common Drive

The T:(PC) or Common(Mac) drive is a location for faculty and staff to store documents that need to be shared with other faculty or staff. Many administrative and academic departments across campus use this drive to store documents that only their department should be able to access. The folders on the these drives are named with abbreviations for that department, such as AGR for Agriculture. The folders on these drives are are shared with all users that are in the department or requested to be granted access by an employee in the department.  A more restricted level of access can be customized for folders that should only have limited access. If you need access to a folder on the T: drive, please place a work order or send an e-mail to the Service Desk to make the request.


The policy for the T: drive and MP3s is found at


C: or Home Drive

The C: drive (PC) or Home Drive (Mac) is the storage space on your physical machine. Files that you save on the machine locally are visible only on that machine. Saving locally is only suggested when you are the sole user of that computer. If you save personal information to your C drive, anyone can, in theory, log in to the computer and find these files. Therefore, if you leave your office we recommend that you lock your office to protect your data.


Saving data to the local drive is not recommedned unless absolutely necessary.


On a final note, it is reccommended that you do not save important SHSU doucments to a USB or external drive. Should the USB become lost, it could compromise the university.



If you have any questions about these upcoming changes feel free to e-mail the Service Desk or call 4-HELP.

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