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Tech Tip: Getting Rid of the Voicemail Text Preveiw

“Say What?!?!?!”

Tips BlocksThat’s the common response for most of us when we “read” a voicemail message after Outlook attempts to convert the voice message to text. Sometimes it’s pretty close, but many times you may wonder what language it’s in and you don’t have a clue what they were trying to say! Many users find this “feature” of Outlook frustrating, annoying, or even downright embarrassing! Many have asked if this can be disabled and the answer is YES! You can disable all your outbound voicemail messages from being converted to text by the receiver and you can also disable all voicemail you receive from being converted as well. It just takes a few mouse clicks to turn this off and save you from additional frustration. It may also save you the embarrassment of having to explain to someone that what they read wasn’t what you actually said! To increase the chances of your message getting properly converted you should speak up, speak slowly, and be sure to annunciate your words. But if you just want to turn it off, follow these simple instructions.


There are two ways to go about this. You can either go through Outlook or the Online Web Access (OWA):


Voice Mail Icon OutlookThrough Outlook:

  • Go to the File Tab
  • Click the Voice Mail Option
  • You will be taken to the Online Web Access
  • Log in with your username and password



Through OWA

  • Log in to your SHSU mail account through the SHSU homepage
  • Go to Options > See All Options
  • In the right hand panel, select Phone







Everything should be the same from here on out:


Scroll down to the Voice Mail Preview section

By default, both options are checked

Voicemail Check Boxes


To disable the text preview for incoming voicemails, uncheck the first box

To disable the text preview for outgoing voicemails, uncheck the second box

Voicemail Unchecked

Click Save at the bottom of the screen

Save Button

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