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Keyboard Shortcuts: Simple Tricks That Will Save Time


Windows keyboard shortcuts still have their place in today's mouse-driven computer age. Certain keystrokes when used at the right time can significantly simplify several different Windows tasks. Here are 8 easy, often forgotten Windows Keyboard shortcuts to maximize your efficiency.


Three Simple Cut and Paste Windows Keyboard Shortcuts:

Start by using your mouse to highlight the selection or text you want to copy or delete.

  • Copying: Hold down the CTRL (control) key and press the letter “C”  — this will Copy the highlighted selection to the clipboard.

  • Deleting: Hold down the CTRL key and press the letter “X”  — this will Delete the highlighted selection and move it to the clipboard. This is also known as "cutting."
  • Pasting: Place your cursor in the appropriate place, hold down the CTRL key and press the letter “V” – this will paste the copied or deleted selection where your cursor is located.

<Ctrl> – CCopy the highlighted Selection to the clipboard
<Ctrl> – XDelete the highlighted Selection and move it to the clipboard
<Ctrl> – VPaste the cut or copied Selection


Five Other Keyboard Shortcuts Worth Remembering:

<Ctrl> – A – select the entire current document or web page
<Ctrl> – Home – Move the cursor to the beginning of the document
<Ctrl> – End – Move the Cursor to the end of the document
<Alt> – Tab – Switch between open Windows
<Windows Logo Key> – D – Show the Windows Desktop




Five Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Worth Remembering:

<Open Apple> + ? – Mac Help
<Open Apple> + Shift + N – Creates a New Folder
<Open Apple> + M – Minimize Window
<Open Apple> + T – Add to Favorites
<Open Apple> + Shift + G - Takes a snapshot of screen and save it to a PICT file










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