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Tech Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that replicate functions of the mouse. Using a shortcut to perform a task is often faster than using a mouse. Often times, once you learn a shortcut on the keyboard you can use many of the same shortcuts in other applications. For example, the copy and paste functions that you use in Microsoft Word or Excel work in Facebook too.


How to Find Keyboard Shortcuts


Sometimes, keyboard shortcuts are as easy to find as hovering over a command with your mouse. In the Office Suites, italicizing text can be done by pressing "Control + I" at the same time.


Also, in the Office Suites is the ability to press the "Alt" key to see what keys to press to direct you to the right command. If you ever want to try this, press "Alt" in any Office program and a number of keyboard keys will come up that will guide your path to the right command. Press "Alt" again to remove the keymap.


Other shortcuts, like in Firefox, can be found by simply looking next to the command in the menu bar. Here, in Firefox, we see that "Ctrl + T" opens up a new tab.


Three Simple Cut and Paste Windows Keyboard Shortcuts:

Start by using your mouse to highlight the selection or text you want to copy or delete.

  • Copying: Hold down the CTRL (control) key and press the letter “C”  — this will Copy the highlighted selection to the clipboard.

  • Deleting: Hold down the CTRL key and press the letter “X”  — this will Delete the highlighted selection and move it to the clipboard. This is also known as "cutting."
  • Pasting: Place your cursor in the appropriate place, hold down the CTRL key and press the letter “V” – this will paste the copied or deleted selection where your cursor is located.

<Ctrl> – CCopy the highlighted Selection to the clipboard
<Ctrl> – XDelete the highlighted Selection and move it to the clipboard
<Ctrl> – VPaste the cut or copied Selection


Five Other Keyboard Shortcuts Worth Remembering:

<Ctrl> – A – select the entire current document or web page
<Ctrl> – Home – Move the cursor to the beginning of the document
<Ctrl> – End – Move the Cursor to the end of the document
<Alt> – Tab – Switch between open Windows
<Windows Logo Key> – D – Show the Windows Desktop


Five Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Worth Remembering:

<Open Apple> + ? – Mac Help
<Open Apple> + Shift + N – Creates a New Folder
<Open Apple> + M – Minimize Window
<Open Apple> + T – Add to Favorites
<Open Apple> + Shift + G - Takes a snapshot of screen and save it to a PICT file

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