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Computer Safety and Security: Rogue Security Software

No one wants a virus on their computer. If something pops up on your computer that says you have a virus, you are going to want to get rid of it. Virus programmers use these mental tricks to take advantage of the everyday computer user.

Rogue security software, also known as "scareware," is software that appears to be beneficial from a security perspective (i.e. antivirus software) but ultimately does more harm than good.


How does rogue security software get on my computer?

Rogue security software designers create legitimate looking pop-up windows that advertise security update software or even virus notifications. These windows might appear on your screen while you surf the web.

The "updates" or "alerts" in the pop-up windows call for you to take some sort of action, such as clicking to “Clean Computer”, accept recommended updates, or delete unwanted viruses or spyware. However, as soon as you click those buttons the malware begins to download.


Here at SHSU

The example below has been seen occasionally on SHSU computers. If you see a pop up like this, please refrain from clicking on it. Instead, call the Service Desk (4-HELP) so that we can properly get rid of whatever malware may be on your machine.

Security Fake

The example below is what our virus protection sofware looks like. The program that we use is Microsoft Forefront Endpoint (as it says at the top of the window). If it does not say this, do not trust the notification. If you have any questions please call the Service Desk (4-HELP).



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