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Department of Management and Marketing's 3D Printer

This month for our technology showcase, we focus on the Department of Management and Marketing and their 3D printer.

3D PrinterEveryone is familiar with conventional, or 2-dimensnional, printing. We rely on this type of printing when we wish to print out a Word document or a picture from the Internet. In fact, conventional printers have become commonplace in society. Housed in the Smith-Hudson Building, however, is a 3-dimensional (3D) printer.



ChessSo, why would anyone need a 3D printer? 3D printers allows you to print high quality 3D models right at your desk. In fact, you can use a 3D modeling program such as AutoCad to develop a model and then have a 3D printer generate a physical model for you. The printer takes the model on the computer and begins to compile the physical object by layering plastic at 1/10,000 of an inch at a time until the model is complete. Small objects such as wrenches, or the chess board seen here, can be generated in about 15 hours.


The 3D printer on campus prints in plastic, however, models can be generated in a number of different materials. In fact, ventriloquist Jeff Dunham recently used a 3D printer to generate his latest puppet, Achmed Jr.


For more information about 3D printers, please contact Pamela Zelbst.


If you know of a group on campus doing innovative things with technology, please contact us. We're happy to share this information with the SHSU campus community!

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